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Obviously, it was as yet expected to be a manga/manwha, so I expected more story driven focuses, a ton of which misses the mark in a few places as the gaming part of the hero is centered around essentially and whatever remains of the world simply kind of becomes all-good. For instance, watching somebody beat another in chess simply observing 'ha, he is more astute so he won! possibly another is that he doesn't have a sweetheart? As others have expressed, I adore the one of a kind story, I cherish the MC and his investigative capacities, and I like the pace up to this point.

Read The Gamer 249 raw english online for free.
Here you can read The Gamer 249 raw english online for free.

You are additionally including only the capacity to explain riddles or utilizing assets to conquering difficulties. We believe this is the greatest place to read The Gamer 249 raw chapter to your heart's content! In the event that you have a dread of not understanding this manga/manhwa as a result of 'gamer dialect' there are characters who are absent too and in those occasions that gamer language is utilized clarifications are given, which is incredible for individuals who don't play a ton of videogames like me Xp their are times when you can be confounded with respect to what one of the characters are doing yet when you discover it's pretty cool.